Saturday, June 28, 2008


There are many great "Network Marketing Movies" - among them, "The Matrix," "Boiler Room," "300," "Facing The Giants," and of course, "The Secret."
But none of them have combined the guilty pleasures of your typical summer blockbuster movie: large-scale catastrophes (the best use of a traditional train I have ever seen in a modern movie), adrenaline-pumping chase scenes, sarcastic humor, plot twists, and Angelina Jolie with a flat-out, call to action for the moviegoer... a "What the #%@* have you done lately?" DANG! (That's a technical term, btw)
I just saw "Wanted." You should go see it, too. Now. It's really that good. You will love this movie, especially if you're a network marketer. Or, if you hate your job. Or, if you just like to see thought-provoking cinema (i.e., cars blowing up). And, for Angelina Jolie.
"It is a choice... that each of us must face... to remain ordinary, pathetic, beat down... Coasting through a miserable existence, like sheep herded by fate."
When I heard Sloan (Morgan Freeman's character) share the above quote during the trailer to "Wanted," I thought of two things: 1. "The Matrix" and 2. my very first network marketing opportunity meeting. Since I loved "The Matrix," I had no problems with the similarities. And believe me, there are many similarities between these two movies (And I'm sure the "Wanted" producers are banking on and hoping for even a fraction of the success that the Wachowski brothers enjoyed with the Matrix franchise...)
At one point, Sloan (Freeman) asks Wesley, "If no one ever told you that bullets fly straight, what would you do?"
(Can't you just picture Morpheus with Neo in the 'construct?')
However, there was one major difference... which brings me back to how network marketers will love and hopefully be inspired to ACT!
Neo was somewhat 'ignorant' as Mr. Anderson. He didn't know... what he didn't know. Remember the part in "The Matrix" where he says his eyes are hurting, and Morpheus enlightens him to the fact that he has "never used them before?" Pretty deep stuff, huh?
Well, in "Wanted," Wesley knows his life sucks... and it's in a real-world environment... people watching this movie won't have to decipher anything... they will see themselves in this movie... most people are just like Wesley, with their eyes open to the crappy life they put up with, but with an unwillingness to do anything to change it... (a lot like our prospects, who spend 40 hours or more every week at jobs they don't like, and another 40 hours complaining about the jobs they don't like.)
And then, they are exposed to a network marketing opportunity... and are faced with a question similar to the one Sloan poses to Wesley...
"You can take control of your own destiny and join us, releasing the caged wolf you have inside. This is the decision that lies before you now... the sheep? Or the wolf? The choice is yours."
Choosing between being a sheep or a wolf is about as much of a no-brainer as choosing between 40 years of hard labor or 4 years of paid self-development.
That is, if you're ready to take action...



Carlton Calhoun said...

This is one of the greatest entries I've ever read! The movie was ALL THAT, too!