Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dream Stealers

This blog post was originally on my Myspace page, but since I decided to create this blogpage and devote it completely to Network Marketing, I have posted "Dream Stealers" here, as well. The core philosophy behind this article is, without question, the number one reason I have stayed in this business... While many others around me have quit, hopped from company to company, and conceded to the lack-minded people around them, I have been able to keep going... all for the sake of my dreams.
Dream stealers may be the number one reason people quit their network marketing businesses. They appear in direct proportion to the number of people you talk to about the business, and they're generally people you care about and whose opinion you hold in high esteem - family members and close friends. They will tell you it won't work, you're crazy for trying it, their broke buddy Bob tried "one of those things" and he didn't make any money, you're in a pyramid, and "ah, you got into one of those scams?!?!"
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't the real scam going to work for 40 years at jobs you really don't like, existing paycheck to paycheck, being stressed out about paying your bills and your kids' education, struggling to make ends meet, and maxing out your credit cards, all while waiting to retire and live off less than half of what you were earning in the first place! Let's not forget our dear friend inflation, which will undoubtedly raise the cost of living, so in your golden years of retirement, instead of vacationing in the Bahamas, you get to hold the sampler plate at Chik-Fil-A! That's the "scam!"
There are two kinds of people who will try and steal your dreams. The first group is non-dreamers who love you, but they don't have a clue. They actually believe they are helping you... by not letting you get your hopes up. They haven't been exposed to the same information you have, so don't listen to them. Thank them for their concern and move on!
The second group is non-dreamers who are jealous of you. They don't want you to become successful because, subconsciously, they would rather see you suffer with them instead of making something of yourself and achieving everything you want! Guess what... people making 30k/month do not spend their free time the same way as people who make 30k/year. You may have to develop new friendships and start surrounding yourself with positive people who share your goals and who will support you when you encounter obstacles.
Start behaving your way to your dreams and everything else will just fall in line.


Carlton Calhoun said...

This is probably the best post I've read in my short blog-reading career. You are definitely the man!